The most bizarre things brides do the night before their wedding!

Planning a wedding for months, even years can take its toll on anxiety and stress levels but what really happens when everything you have planned for, saved for, gone full blown bridezilla for is happening the next day? Some brides spend time with their bridal party all relaxed and ready to marry the man of their dreams. But the thought of marriage can send some brides over the edge as they end up doing the most bizarre things.



Some brides cannot process that they are getting married in the morning and the worry and stress get too much. Instead, they try and distract themselves as much as possible. Some brides play their favourite childhood games with their families, some go shopping until the mall closes and others choose to have one last night out as a single woman before the ball and chain is attached. As fun as this sounds, no one wants to be a hung-over bride who’s unable to walk down the aisle with vomit down her dress.

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Negative thoughts and paranoia can creep in when the date is just around the corner and some brides take extreme precautions to prevent them from getting sick. One of those techniques is fasting or restricting their diet. Food poisoning or stomach bugs can be a nightmare to deal with when getting hitched so some brides stop eating specific foods or stop eating altogether to prevent this from happening. Empty stomachs are never good when dealing with stress or when sipping on champagne early in the morning.

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Another panic mode reaction is to over-exercise. Many brides spend their last night tied to their exercise machines or videos in a bid to lose the last few pounds that they haven’t managed to achieve in preparation for the wedding. One night of exercise really isn’t going to make that much of a difference and with so much to be grateful for, your premarital experience should be about self-love, not body hang-ups.

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printable wedding invitation templates

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Walk Down Memory Lane

Getting married can be a scary and very adult thing to do. This can cause a temptation for many brides to dig out the memory boxes and photo albums and reminisce about their ‘good ole single days’. The shirt you got for winning a beer pong contest while you were travelling the world, the bracelet that hot Brazilian guy gave you while you watched the sunset on his balcony and the photograph of your university days when everyone on campus was your best friend is important to you and part of who you are. However, stirring up these thoughts and emotions can put you in the wrong mindset to be tying the knot in the morning. Instead, focus on happy and loving memories of you and your hubby to be to get you excited and confident that you have made the right choice.

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