Top 10 things most brides forget while planning their wedding!

Planning a wedding can take months, even years and making sure you’ve got everything covered is a common anxiety for brides-to-be. Checklists and feature boards are all great ideas but sometimes, things slip through the net.
But don’t worry - we got you covered with this ultimate list of the top 10 things brides usually forget about when planning their wedding so you can be assured your big day will go smoothly:

1. Check the weather

Make sure to check this in advance and have a ‘Rainy Day Plan’ in case of any unexpected sprinkles.

2. Don’t forget to eat

Wedding days are always super busy and chaotic so if you miss lunch, be prepared with a handy snack box or two.

3. Change your passport

Be sure to use your maiden name when booking your honeymoon unless you’re super organized and already changing the name on your passport!

4. Shine up your engagement ring

You’ll be showing off your wedding ring more than a few times throughout the day so polish up your engagement ring so it shines along with your new wedding ring.

5. Comfy shoes

After wearing your gorgeous Gucci or Pradas all day, your feet are going to be begging you for a little comfort and you can dance the night away with them too!

6. Prepare your ‘touch up' bag

With emotions, kisses, and hugs being given to you all day, you’ll want to touch up your make up to make sure you’re looking radiant and fresh all day.

7. Tissue

You may not be a crier but getting married to your soul mate may stir up the tear ducts. Wrap some tissue around your bouquet or make sure your bridesmaids are well stocked.

8. Guest book

With all the well-wishes you’ll receive on the day, it’s easy to forget who said what. A guest book is perfect for your wedding party to leave their well wishes and it’ll be nice for you to look back on in years to come.

9. Appoint a post-wedding person

All the decorations and items are often forgotten about and results in a rush around the next morning. Delegate someone to collect up all the important things you’ll want to keep.

10. Bring an extra invitation suite for the photographer

Wedding invitations represent the beginning of your wedding and is something that every wedding guest had received and cherished. You’ll be thankful that it got captured.

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