What your invitations say about your wedding and why they are important!

When it comes to planning your wedding, most brides-to-be are primarily focused on finding the perfect dress, the best photographer, and spending hours visiting and analyzing different venues… Wedding invitations are often an afterthought in the planning process. However, invitations are one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding, simply because they set the tone of what guests are to expect on the wedding day and to prepare them for the upcoming event. Spending time and effort on getting your invitations just right could mean the difference between your guests keeping in the memory book or throwing it in the trash. Here are a few reasons as to why invitations are vital to your wedding and what they could be saying to your guests:

Set the Tone

As I mentioned, the main purpose of the wedding invitation is to set the tone for the wedding. The theme of the invitation should reflect the theme of the event to come. A flashy, extravagant party with fireworks should have a wedding invitation that is equally as flashy and extravagant. A toned-down, simple, elegant wedding should have a simple, delicate invitation to reflect this theme. All wedding stationery (i.e invitations, thank you notes, etc.) should all have the same font, patterns and colours throughout for consistency and reflection of the day itself.

Create Excitement

We have all been on the receiving end of getting a wedding invitation in the mail and have felt that initial feeling of excitement and anticipation for the upcoming event as we scan our eyes through all the information and take in the character of the invite. The to-be-wedded couple must think about what they want their guests to think and feel when they receive that invitation. A fun-filled carnival themed wedding should have guests jumping with excitement whereas a relaxed, beach wedding should have people smiling as they fantasize about beach cocktails and parties.

Provide Essential Information

One of the biggest solutions to stop guests from throwing away your well-crafted invitation is to include an enclosure card and fill it with essential, relevant information that your guests need for the big day. Apart from the absolute details such as names, dates, location and other essential details, your invitation suite can include accommodation information so your guests can pre-plan their overstay so providing suggestions or even reserving a block of hotel rooms is a big help for those needing accommodation. Travel information can be important if your wedding is being conducted abroad - flight duration, accommodation, etc can make a big difference to your guests. If you have a wedding website where you have stored all your important information, include it onto the invitation so your guests can log in and receive everything they need.

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