Discover what sets us apart & how we redefine the art of DIY wedding invitations

While you may feel like finding beautiful DIY invitations that match your wedding style is an impossible task, we are here to redefine the experience and infuse it with excellence. Our services weave a different story – a story with strong values and passion for providing a stylish option that satisfies your needs.

Let us delve deeper into how we can elevate your whole wedding aesthetic!

Mission and brand story

Our mission is to make you look and feel your most stylish and confident by channelling your vision through the invitations and adding a bit of elegant allure without the heavy price tag.

My creative journey began in my childhood while turning timber into pieces of art at my father's joinery shop next to my house. I remember creating my first-ever invite on a piece of timber while playing party games – oh how I wish I had kept that one! Still, I never imagined that the artsy side I discovered in my childhood would one day turn into a full-time profession!

Since being creative is something I find myself to be best at, it is a delight to craft stationery for modern brides and offer them the possibility to express their style. In addition, I find convenience to be the best approach, and precisely that is why I focus on suggesting the DIY approach. The goal is to give you creative freedom and direction without feeling overwhelmed with the choice you have to make. Since my design templates are an ever-growing aspect that I create with passion, there is plenty to choose from – and the best part is that you can shop all your wedding stationery and signage under one single roof.

DIY modern wedding invitation template

What sets us apart

In an endless sea of generic and outdated template designs, we offer something stylish, distinctive, and specially curated for the modern couple.

Discover what makes us different:

Seamless clean designs that are tailored to match your vision. My flair for effortless elegance, minimal typography and delicate illustration is translated into a distinctive and enticing collection of DIY wedding stationery and signage for your entire event. Because they are curated from selected custom designs, they embody authenticity and finesse. As a personal brand, I put my core values in uncompromising standards, so you are getting bespoke quality without the hassle of hiring a designer.

My services include a flexible and convenient way to access matching stationery and signage, keeping your event aesthetic classy and cohesive. By being a one-stop source, I focus on complementing your overall style in every aspect, helping you tie the whole theme together. With matching stationery and signage designs, you will be able to seamlessly elevate your wedding vibe.

My expertise in the wedding business spans more than 12 years, making me a dedicated professional in my field – one you would like to cooperate with for a smooth and meticulous experience. With impeccable attention to detail and knowledge in the field, you will not only get a professional by your side but also someone who genuinely cares for your wedding vision.

I have a curated collection of video tutorials on our YouTube channel. We release monthly blog articles with helpful ideas + freebies now and then to help you along with the DIY process. 

DIY should not overwhelm your to-do list! To save time and for the best quality, we recommend getting your prints done professionally. See our list of high-quality, affordable printers near you to keep shipping costs at a minimum. Alternatively, if you are based in NZ, reach out to us for high-quality, affordable prints. 

I stand by my work. If you have any issues or face any challenges; I will make it right asap!

I believe in making a positive impact on people and the planet. Every sale contributes towards our giving back program supporting families and children in need across the globe.

simple DIY wedding invitaiton template

The core values of my brand

I believe that what makes a brand unique is passion and dedication to the field, entwined with clearly defined principles. When it comes to our brand values, they are clearly defined and tailored to serve our clients. In other words, everything I do is for you.

I am a person of integrity – honesty and trustworthiness are the most important aspects of my business. If you wish to discover how it feels to work with me, feel free to read our customer reviews.

I share every step of the way with you, so we can have full transparency and open communication about the products and services I offer from start.

I stand by my work. If you have any issues or face any challenges; I will make it right asap. My goal is to help you within the earliest timeframe to avoid any delays on your part.

All my artwork is carefully designed to the last lovely detail so you can celebrate with confidence, cherish it as a perfect keepsake and leave your guests in awe.          

Anyone’s time should be valued, as should yours. I spend time creating high-end elegant template designs so you can save time by skipping the design process or even finding a designer!

Your success is my goal. Being able to contribute to your event and bringing an affordable and convenient way to organise your wedding stationery and signage is my goal accomplished.

minimalist DIY wedding invitation template

I aim to give you confidence in the way you announce your big day – to provide elegant template designs with the flexibility to reflect your personal style and to give you a stress-free experience of organising everything by yourself with complete control. In addition, I do NOT wish for you to spend a great part of your wedding allowance in one fell swoop. That is why I offer this convenient DIY approach so that you can have a hassle-free experience matched with high-end design quality – without hurting your pocket.

My end goal is for you to enjoy the planning process – as effortlessly as possible; with renewed energy, joy, and excitement. If you are ready to choose the perfect stationery for your wedding story, then I invite you to have a look at our DIY collection.
Naturally, you can always talk about a bespoke design or service – your wish is our priority. We can seamlessly extract your unique vision and translate it into one-of-a-kind stationery.

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