FAQ - DIY Printable Templates

What size envelopes will I need?

• A7 (133 x 184mm) for 5x7" (125 x 175mm) cards
• C6 (114 x 162mm) for 4 x 5.9" (101 x 149mm) cards
• A2 (111 x 146mm) for 3.9 x 5.5" (100 x 139.7mm) cards

Why can’t I open the files on MAC?

Acrobat Files

MAC’s usually default to ‘Preview’ for opening PDF files. The best way to open files is to open Adobe Reader first, and then open the PDF file directly from Adobe Reader. Another alternative is to right click on the file name, select ‘Open With’ and select ‘Adobe Reader’.

Templett Files
These can be edited directly in your web browser with any computer.

Can templates be printed by an offset or letterpress printer?

Unfortunately, our templates are not designed for pre-press production by offset or letterpress printers.

is it possible to buy some items individually?

Yes, absolutely! Our full wedding stationery kit is a great value for money but if you need individual items then they are listed individually + 3 & 5 item suite as well. 

How do I know which areas of the template I can edit?

Acrobat Files
All the areas that can be edited will be highlighted in light blue. Simply type over the highlighted text and replace with your own details.

Templett Files
Everything is editable on the template.

Do you offer customisations?

We are able to provide minor adjustments to the designs. Send us a message with your requirements and we will arrange a quote.

Do you offer printing services?

Yes, we do! Send us a message with your requirements and we will arrange a quote.

Is there any way I can try out a template before making a purchase?

Acrobat Files
Absolutely, send us a message and we will provide a sample template for you to try out.

Templett Files
A demo link is available to try out on the listing description for all our Templett files.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Templates are easy to edit and we are always available for assistance if required. 
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for items already purchased as they are digital in nature. Kindly message us for any clarifications before you proceed with the purchase.

Terms of use

All templates are for personal use only and may not be resold, shared or used commercially.
If using 
a professional printer TimberWink Studio is not responsible for their specific printing requirements or colour quality. Any changes required to the template are not included with your purchase and will be an additional cost. Get in touch with us for quotes.

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