Add some elegance to your envelopes with our FREE wedding envelope liner template!

When you’re planning a wedding, every little detail counts, including your envelopes! And today we are here to help you take your wedding stationery to a whole new level with our FREE envelope liner template. Don’t settle for regular, white, plain envelopes. Keep reading to find out how you can change them around into your perfect wedding suite.

wedding envelope liner templates

With our liners, you can transform any regular envelope into a beautifully hand-crafted one in a matter of minutes. It’s something you can do all by yourself, right at home and within a short span of time! All you have to do is pick the liner you want, print the design, cut to shape and stick it to your envelope.

Down below are three different floral wedding envelope liners that you can use for this DIY project. Feel free to download them all if you want to. We have created these designs for you to play around and have fun deciding which one suits your wedding style better.

Liners are for 5x7 size envelope and come in either a deep euro or square flap.

free floral envelope liners

wedding invitation envelope liners


  • 8.5”x11” or A4 white paper 80 - 100gsm
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • 5×7 envelopes in square or deep euro flap
  • Printable Files (download below)

floral envelope liners

How To Assemble Envelope Liners 

  1. Download your FREE printable floral design files at the end of the post
  2. Print onto 8.5’’ x 11’’ or A4 white standard paper
  3. Select the highest quality print and ‘Actual Size’ or ‘100%’ (Not ‘Fit’)
  4. Cut out along the design with traced line
  5. Slip inside your envelope and line up with the flap
  6. Fold the liner down onto the ruler along the flap crease line and swipe the glue stick over it
  7. Press the liner back on the flap to make sure the liner sticks to the envelope
  8. Release and take a look at your new wedding invitation envelope

wedding invitation liner assembly

floral invitation envelope liner template

It’s literally that easy to turn a regular, common, wedding invitation into a work of art! The best part is that our liners are designed to fit the perfect shape of your envelope, so all you need to do is follow the cutting guidelines and assemble. We hope you enjoyed our little DIY project! Now, you’re ready to share your creation with all of your guests and surprise them with elegant, classy invitations.

wedding envelope liner tempalte


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