A Guide on how to Postpone your Wedding

With a world pandemic on our hands and most of us doing our best to stay inside, the coronavirus has really been written into every day of our calendar indefinitely. On top of schools being closed, our birthdays basically being cancelled and hangouts with friends being online, one of our most important and long thought days must be postponed too, our wedding day. So much planning and time put into organising the perfect day for ourselves and our loved one seems to have been ripped out from underneath us. But unfortunately, it is completely necessary for all of us and while we all experience this together, we, and literally the whole wedding industry, also understand that all weddings will need to be postponed. There is one positive thing to think about throughout all of this madness, though. Everyone is going to be so sick of sitting at home day in and day out that your wedding day is seriously going to be incredible!

Our hearts go out to all of you that have put months, or even years, into planning this special day. We know and understand the blood, sweat and tears that go into organising such a significant day and we sincerely hope that this postponement hasn’t put too much of a damper on what is still going to be one of the best days of your life.

Firstly, it is important to understand the steps that could be taken to postpone your wedding in the first place.

  • As mentioned before, with all of us enduring this together, your wedding and venue suppliers are absolutely ready to pick up where they left off. Therefore, instead of cancelling, postpone.
    As for those still planning, with some times to sit and scroll through all of your options and ideas, continue to plan! With many weddings being postponed to 2021, dates will still be filling up, so get in there fast.

  • Insurance: If your wedding is already booked, check with your insurance company to find out what exactly will be covered. They may have some options available for you.
    If your wedding has not been completely planned yet, check into wedding insurance. With plans being altered for the crisis, you may be able to receive exactly what you require in case anything else comes up in the future.

  • If you are still uncertain with whether or not you want to change the date, due to your wedding being later in the year, then that’s okay. We really have no idea where this will be in a month or even two months. As long as you keep your guests informed, there is nothing wrong with waiting it out.

In saying this, some steps need to be taken to let all of your guests know what your plan is and where the next ‘save the date’ will potentially be. If this has become another stressful addition to your day, then sit back, take a deep breath and let us take you through the options you have in informing your guests what they have to look forward to!

There are plenty of options you can choose from to inform your guests, and price should not become a stressor at this point. You have the free, on the cheaper side or “classy all the way” options. They are all perfectly acceptable and easy to do. That's what we are here to assist you with!


If you maintain your own wedding website, then updating it will be your most preferred option. Place an announcement on your homepage, so your guests can immediately be informed of the update. Here, you can keep your guests up to date with any changes, as well as help them with altering their own arrangements if need be.


On top of the typical calls or text, an online option would very much suffice. While many people are using email or WhatsApp to let their guests know they are needing to postpone, many are heading over to Facebook and creating a group to keep everyone up to date. Obviously, this isn’t the greatest option if it is a last-minute change. However, if there is time to spare, this could be the perfect way to get your guests communicating amongst each other, as well as gaining support throughout this stressful time.

Whether you have decided to use text, WhatsApp, email or other social media sources, writing a personal and loving postpone the date text would leave you and your guests still feeling the wedding excitement. To alleviate the stress of this situation, we have included some great examples below for you to test out and even reconstruct if need be. Feel free to use or re-word them to better suit your own situation.

Wording Examples

Together, with all of our love, we would like to inform you that we have decided to change our wedding date. Due to the current situation in the world, it is just not possible to enjoy our special day exactly when we desire to. We are still incredibly thrilled to share our day with you and enjoy this moment together. 

It is with sadness, but hope, that we have decided to change the date of our wedding due to the circumstances happening to everyone all over the world. With staying home on everyone’s agenda, we want to make sure everyone is safe and able to make our new date as happy and healthy guests. We are still incredibly excited to share this memorable day with you and enjoy this moment together.

Unfortunately, due to the craziness of the world right now, we have been forced to change the date of our wedding. As much as we want to celebrate and party hard, we also want all of our guests to stay at home and healthy throughout all of this. We are still incredibly excited to share our special day with you and enjoy this moment all together soon. We appreciate your understanding and kindness throughout this time and hope that everyone out there is staying at home and safe. Once this is all over, we can all come together and celebrate as a big family on the dance floor! Until then, stay home and stay safe.


Postponement announcements

If you want to keep up with your stylish wedding themes, change the date cards remain a great way to keep your guests informed and to keep it classy. You do, however, have two options. Keep your cards formal or take some humour in the situation and get your guests laughing. We have multiple options available for you. Once your future wedding date has been confirmed, you can send out the new invitations and guests can start to get ready for your new wedding date.

We have multiple options available and to further lighten the occasion, we are discounting these templates by 30% indefinitely!

wedding postponement announcement

minimal wedding postponement card

boho wedding postponement card

simple wedding postponement announcement

floral wedding postponement announcement

Formal Postponement card template


With the hardship of our current position in the world, your new wedding date will be sure to bring a lot of hope and happiness to all of your guests. Remember, that we are all in this together. Your wedding venue, vendors and guests are all excited to work and celebrate with you. As long as you keep everyone updated and informed, you will still be capable of having the most magical wedding day you have imagined. On the plus side, everyone will be ten times happier to get out of the house and celebrate with you!


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