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TimberWink Studio is an online wedding stationery boutique based in Auckland, New Zealand. Beginning as a hobby in 2010, it quickly grew into an intense passion and love for creating. Previously known as Beechtree Creative, our work continues to resonate with couples all over the world including across Australia and the U.S.A. We believe every bride deserves to enjoy high quality and gorgeous invitations and we have been able to make this possible by providing unique and flexible options for every bride's taste. These include DIY printable templates, semi-custom and personalised options to suit any budget. From whimsical and elegant, to classical and trendy, we have every design for every unique personality. We understand how important your big day is, and you can rest assured that we will take on your dreams and desires as our own and create whatever you have in mind in a fun, easy and enjoyable experience!

Here at TimberWink Studio, our fundamental core value is to give back to those less fortunate than us. With every sale we make collectively, a portion of that profit goes towards sponsoring children in need through UNICEF. As the business grows, you will play a key role in the expansion of our reach so we are able to give to more charities that need our help around the world. We very much appreciate your support through our journey and making this possible for us!

A little about me

Design....what does it mean?
For me? It is my life, and art sits at the very soul of it!
Design is the base of all creations, without design we drift into a colourless world of monotonous repetitions.

I‘ve always been the person who believes, we are all different and we can always choose to make a change for the better. Just like you, I work hard for what I love, making sure my work is of the highest quality under all circumstances. I will always go an extra mile to achieve the type of work and quality that will satisfy each and every one of you stepping through my ‘door’ into the world of design. That is what I represent and that is what I offer to every friend, family or client just like you, who has requested my services.

Hi! My name is Riz and I am the face behind TimberWink Studio! I grew up in Fiji and later on moved to the wonderful green land of New Zealand, where the wonders of nature surround me every day, offering me the inspirational energies, much needed by any designer. My creative journey began 9 years ago and I’m thrilled to have discovered my passion for perfecting the art of invites through these years. I’m obsessed with all things weddings, calligraphy, watercolour, paper textures, paintings, interior designs, casual atmospheres, comfortable shoes, travelling & discovering new restaurants.

Life is an adventure and so is mine... as I've said, a few years ago I was working in the corporate world of design, a place that my mind understood easily, but my heart could not accept, I just did not belong there! With a little bit of luck, life can change for the better, it has been so for me when a dear family friend asked me for a favour. She needed me to design an invite for a special occasion! I could not refuse because I cherish my family and friends above all else!

That was the moment I had my epiphany when my knowledge of design and my love for creating clicked together!
had found my life's purpose, I would put all my heart and soul into creating the most exquisite wedding invites possible!

Design is my passion, however, there are some days when I have my focus completely directed towards spending time with my 8-year-old son, with dear friends and family as well as taking some time off to enjoy nature and recharge my batteries. When I'm not creating and time is passing slower, you can find me perusing Pinterest, binging on my favourite TV shows or just enjoying nature in the great outdoors!

Enough about me, today is about you and your design needs, so feel free to contact me and follow me on Instagram & Facebook for some great inspirations! 


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