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With the world in such disarray, there is no better time than now to give back. As a core value of mine, it will forever be a part of the way I want to run this business.

TWS Giving Back program began in 2019 as we started giving a portion of our shop sales to causes and organisations for the most needed around the world and close to my heart. Some of these aid in single mums starting and maintaining a small business to support their families. As hopelessness was not an option, we wanted to support orphan sponsorship, supporting education, shelter and water sanitation projects in calamity-stricken countries, as well as the growth of more trees.

You can play a key role in the expansion of our reach, so we are able to give more to charities that need our help around the world. As the business grows, our support grows.

Here are some details on the organisations we have chosen to support:

Zaytoun - Olive Tree Donation

giving back to the community - olive tree planting

Zaytoun is an organisation based around olive tree planting. Based in Jenin, the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) looks at providing a sustainable income through the import and the sale of high-quality fair-traded products. Through the donation of olive trees, we look to aid in the support of farmers who have lost crops to destruction and uprooting, small farmers, women who own their own land and young farmers who have inherited or acquired land.
More info at: | image source: Zaytoun


UNICEF - Global parent

Timberwink give back program - global parent

We’ve all heard of UNICEF, but did you know their mission is to create a better world? They look to advocate for the protection of child rights by not only informing the public of important information but bringing together governments, donors, humanitarian agencies, businesses and children themselves. Ongoing, regular support is the only reason they are able to plan for the uncertainties and help vulnerable children immediately and effectively when disaster strikes and I’m grateful to be part of it.
More info at | image source: UNICEF


One Ummah - Orphan sponsorship & water sanitation

TimberWink Studio give back program

One Ummah is a charity organisation which provides orphan sponsorship, water sanitation and responds to emergency disasters anywhere in the world. Their vision was one of the things that inspired me – ‘A world that is free from poverty, starvation and water shortages.’

One Ummah is continually bringing food, medical attention, education, water sanitation projects and orphan care across the world in Syria, Yemen, Uganda, Gaza, with the Rohingya in Bangladesh and another 10 calamity-stricken countries where children have been left with no hope.
More info at | image source: One Ummah

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