What’s behind the name?


With my father’s joinery shop, right next to our house, my artsy childhood consisted of me doodling on pieces of timber. This turned into a family activity as my cousins and I jumped and swung on stacks of timber, dove into piles of sawdust, and splashed every bit of paint we could find on leftover pieces. I even remember creating my first ever invite on a piece of timber while playing party games; one I wish I had kept. Turning timber into art was a hobby. I cherished throughout my upbringing and I could not imagine my life without these little moments.

When it came to searching for my business name, these memories continued to pop up in my mind. I came to the realisation that I wanted to reflect where I discovered my artsy nature, in those surroundings free of devices and technology. TimberWink Studio was born, and it makes me smile knowing it came from such a happy place in my heart.

With this in mind, I have also been able to realise just how many trees are cut down to produce timber and paper. As my business utilises this process, I feel a responsibility to give back. Because of this, we support planting projects and look to donate what we can to help plant more trees on our beautiful planet. More details will be arriving soon on our giving back page, so we can begin to plant trees as we continue to create beautiful art.

TimberWink Studio Story

Dream Big... you are about to throw the
greatest party of your life!

Who would have known card making and announcing my childhood “parties” on pieces of timber would become a real-life adventure. Coincidently, I had drifted towards studying graphic design and once I was handed the task of creating wedding invites while in a corporate business world, I realise it was perhaps not a coincidence after all. It was destiny! My childhood hobbies were able to continue into my adult life. Now, seeing how my work makes a difference to your event is a joyous feeling which lights me up every single time.


Now is the time to bring your dreams to life and capture your vision, set the right tone for your guests and create a lasting memory for those receiving your invites. I will pour my heart into your one-of-a-kind suite that will give you all the feels you had anticipated for your day and for your guests to adore.

As a growing business, I want to be able to reach and serve more couples, despite their wedding allowance or time constraints. This has been made possible with our easy to use printable templates in a range of design styles that you can easily DIY at home within minutes!

Whichever route you wish to take, let’s meet up and chat about your ideas or contact me to discuss further. If I can contribute some clarity and confidence in bringing your vision to life and guiding you towards making the best decisions that will help make your special day perfect then I’ll consider my job done. 


Such a lovely person to deal with, so flexible and prompt! Her work is absolutely stunning and so many options to choose from to make it special to you! Would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat! 


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