If it’s about making a statement for the most important day of your life, I'm your girl! 


But then the party starts…

You know? The type where you suddenly realise how much there is to organise in such a short time and now you’re feeling overwhelmed, a little confused and your mind is running in circles.

You have an idea of what you want, but you need a little encouragement and confidence.
An internal push that will help you make all the decisions you’re unsure about.

Trust me, it’s normal to go through these emotions as you want to make the best first impression of your day.

You’re just in the right spot!
That’s where I come in with a magic wand and bring your ideas to life! 

hey, there!

I’m Riz, Owner &
Graphic Designer

I am a creative at heart and love to help brides like you capture your style and vision perfectly onto paper. Along with this, I am a solo mama to a not so little 10-year-old, doing my best to juggle it all while keeping a balance and trying to remember to eat lunch that isn’t my kid's leftover sandwich.

TimberWink Studio owner

How it all began

I grew up in Fiji and later moved to the wonderful green lands of NZ to study graphic design after discovering an ad for it in the local newspaper. It was a mere coincidence that brought my artsy nature into this field without much contemplation and I count this as the greatest blessing of my journey. I’m obsessed with beautiful fonts, watercolour art, fine details, neutral colours, interior designs and casual atmosphere.

A few years ago I was working in the corporate world of design, a place that my mind understood easily, but my heart couldn’t accept. I just did not belong there! With a little bit of luck, life can change for the better. It all changed for me when I was handed the task of designing a wedding invite for a client which I absolutely loved! That was the moment I had my epiphany when my knowledge of design and my love for creating clicked together! TimberWink Studio operated as a hobby till I decided to quit my day job and go full time in 2012. My work has ever since continued to resonate with couples all over the world. I have found my life’s purpose, and will pour my heart and soul into creating the most exquisite wedding invites possible! So much so, that it will give you all the feels and excitement you anticipated for your big day! I work hard for what I love, always go above and beyond to achieve greatness and look to create a wonderful experience for each and every one of you stepping through my ‘door’ into the world of design. This is what I represent and I’m thrilled to have discovered my passion for perfecting the art of invites through these years.

A day in the life of me

Design is my passion, however, there are some days when I have my focus completely directed towards spending time with my son, with dear friends and family as well as taking some time off to enjoy nature and recharging my batteries. When I’m not creating and time is passing slower, you can find me perusing Pinterest, binging on my favourite TV shows or just enjoying nature in the great outdoors!

Enough about me, today is about you and your design needs, so feel free to contact me for a chat and follow my journey on Instagram! 




I love so many colours and I can’t decide which ones my favourite!


Take care of plants!


Riz, short for Rizwana, is actually my middle name. My first name is Farisha, but is often mistaken for Sarisha, Fari-O-sha and even more, so I figured Riz was my easiest option!


Anything healthy or sweet and tangy at the same time. Chocolate is always my last choice.


Comfortable shoes is my way to go plus I’m 5'4 which makes me appear tall in heels!


56 with a floral print and only 5 that I wear on a regular basis!  Totally normal right? 

My favourite things 

TimberWink Studio Story - Work from home

Being self-employed and working from home. The idea of being able to freely spend time with my loved ones keeps me motivated and moving forward every day.

TimberWink Studio Story - Work from home

Cosying up on my couch and binge watching my favourite TV shows.

TimberWink Studio Story - Work from home

Going on a shopping spree every once in a while. The colours, styles and creativity of new trends makes my heart happy.


Riz from the get go was amazing to work with! She made it all easy & my did her work speak volumes! Magic & love & sparkles sum it all up! Pure awesomeness! Even with my last minute changes & all. Definitely my go to for bespoke invitations! Thank you Riz! 


Where it all began & what’s behind the name?

In one moment, everything came together... 

Looking back, it was only obvious. It was every game as a child that involved me creating, going through school with a creative soul and ending up studying graphic design led me to this one place. It was written in the stars, and now, I wake up with excitement, ready to tackle any job I have waiting. I knew I needed to share my passion with the world, and I knew I would make people happy doing it. So here I am, creating the stationery of your dreams, while I live out mine. 


TimberWink Studio Story

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