Your Detailed Guide to Wedding Signage

When planning a wedding, you want every detail to reflect your own vision and your theme. In essence, you want the day to be personalised and to feel completely tailored to your story. The easiest way to translate your personal flair is through the decor. While wedding signage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when contemplating the aesthetic – it is the first thing your guests will see. And we all know how first impressions are everything, right?


  1. Wedding Welcome Sign
  2. Wedding Seating Plan and Chart
  3. Unplugged Wedding Sign
  4. Bridal Shower Welcome Sign
  5. Wedding Day Timeline
  6. Other Smaller Wedding Signage

In a way, these signs will not only inform your loved ones but will also set the scene and complement the overall wedding style. Consider them as your secret spice that will season the whole decor and tie everything perfectly.

Wedding signage can encompass many things – from welcoming your loved ones to introducing the bar menu. It is a matter of what you wish to upscale and what event activities will unfold. If you are a modern DIY bride with a limited budget, you might feel that this is an extra expense. Or, as someone who wishes to tailor her own day in a unique way, you might feel like your choices are limited. However, I’m happy to say that in both cases – you are wrong!

Today, I’m here to surprise you with a range of modern and various wedding designs that are both stylish and friendly to your wallet! I will also talk about different DIY wedding signs that you can easily customise and include in your celebration. Have a look!

Wedding Welcome Sign

minimal wedding welcome sign template
Instead of worrying whether your guests are properly greeted while you are getting ready to make your entrance, include a wedding welcome sign! Not only can you use it for the ceremony entrance, but it can also be easily relocated to the reception entrance as well. Your loved ones will feel welcomed and cared for with this wonderful detail. In addition, they will have a glimpse into your theme and a chance to savour the beauty of your style. When it comes to our DIY wedding signs, the templates can be customised in terms of colours and text, and also printed no matter how big or small you wish them to be! The best part? They can be seamlessly matched with the rest of the printable stationery collection, resulting in a cohesive look!

Wedding Seating Plan and Chart Sign

minimla wedding seating plan
After you have received your RSVPs, it is time to customise your seating chart. This wedding signage is handy in two aspects – better organisation and elevated reception decor! Besides, the secret to a successful event is an amazing organisation so your guests can easily navigate their way. Why worry about anyone getting confused regarding their seating when you can easily solve it with a chart? As a DIY bride, you know how important it is to map out all the details and provide clear instructions. You can also pair this template with the rest of the stationery collection and match the theme flawlessly.

Unplugged Wedding Sign

Unplugged wedding ceremony sign template
This is one of the most special and memorable moments of your life so having a sign that limits the use of electronics would be most welcome! Plus, it is a polite way to announce that you wish your ceremony to unfold undisrupted by any clicking noises. Your guests may not like the thought but will love the charming way of stating your rules. The wedding sign templates can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. For example, you can only say “Welcome to our unplugged ceremony” and leave it at that or include something thoughtful below to ensure everyone understands and embraces your message. This brilliant wedding signage will allow your guests to focus on you and your heartfelt vows, without phones – they will appreciate the experience. Of course, each of the templates has its matching stationery collection to align with your stylish theme.

Bridal Shower Welcome Sign

boho bridal shower welcome sign

Greet your guests in style with a gorgeous welcome sign. Regardless of whether you are having an intimate or grand bridal shower party, setting a sign at the entrance will upscale the experience. You don’t have to physically greet your family and friends – enjoy catching up with them while the sign makes them feel welcome. Simply print it in your preferred size, and your bridal shower is ready to start!

Wedding Day Timeline

minimal timeline sign template

I can imagine that on your big day, you wish to surrender to the enjoyment and celebrate your love. Thus, any questions that concern the flow of events can disrupt your carefree vibe. To keep everyone informed, many couples opt for the wedding day timeline sign that clearly maps out how the day will unravel. This will not only help you but also your guests who may wonder whether it is appropriate to go to the restroom at that particular time or grab a drink, etc. The charming icons next to the hour will easily narrate what’s next!

Other Smaller Wedding Signage

hand sanitiser sign

As previously mentioned, you can include as many signs as you like! For instance, if you have a bar, you can include a sign with the menu or an announcement for your signature drinks. It will become a wonderful statement piece along with the bar offerings. Simply choose wedding sign templates and add everything you think would need special attention. There can also be a sign for masks and sanitisers, guestbook, gift table, favours, unique quotes, etc.

Including wedding signage on your big day doesn't have to be a costly affair. Instead, you can easily opt for customisable DIY wedding signs that can elevate the guest experience but also your decor. To create a cohesive theme, pair the signage with the matching collection and DIY the whole stationery!

Feel free to discover our range of wedding signage with a wonderful opportunity to try a demo and see how a particular template fits your vision. This is available for all of our listings. Looking forward to seeing which signs you will choose and beautifully customise!

Alternatively, if you need something custom-made for your event, get in touch with 
TimberWink Studio to discuss your ideas and reserve your space for a bespoke service.

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