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Step into the realm of DIY elegance with me as your guide! I’m Riz, the founder of TimberWink Studio, and I bring over a decade of experience crafting exquisite wedding stationery. This blog is a treasure trove for effortlessly crafting your elegant wedding invitations with a personal touch. If you’re concerned about the time, effort, and design skills required, fear not. We’re dedicated to saving you money, time, and stress, offering an effortless DIY experience with our professionally crafted templates that exude the expertise of a seasoned designer. This comprehensive guide will empower you to infuse your distinctive personality into every element, allowing you to celebrate with style and confidence.

Our approach isn’t centred around the time-consuming task of doing everything yourself, including home printing or meticulous cutting for each card. While you still have that option, we recommend a semi-DIY route where you can easily edit the designs, leaving the printing process to professionals for optimal quality and time efficiency. As we embark on this creative journey, our focus extends beyond crafting invitation cards to exploring the essential stationery required for the entire event. Join me in this crafting adventure where we seamlessly blend artistry with practicality, turning your wedding stationery dreams into a beautiful reality.


Wedding Stationery Essentials

Discover the must-haves that will elevate your wedding celebration, ensuring every detail reflects the uniqueness of your love story. These stationery essentials add a personal touch, making organisation a breeze, seamlessly blending with your décor for a harmonious, stress-free celebration. 

Save the Date Cards

Photo save the date card template Polaroid

Let’s begin with save the date cards - the initial announcement that sets the stage for your entire wedding journey. These cards serve as a delightful prelude to the main event, offering guests an early glimpse into the upcoming celebration. Sent approximately six to eight months before the wedding day, and are particularly valuable for destination weddings or events scheduled on busy dates. They not only convey the essential details but also allow loved ones to mark their calendars and make arrangements to join in the joyous festivities.

Unlock the significance of save the dates and tap into your creative potential with our in-depth exploration. From elegant templates to detailed guidance on crafting them yourself, discover the perfect way to announce your wedding date with style and flair. Delve into boundless possibilities for your wedding announcements in our blog - A Guide to Save the Date Cards with Expert Insight & DIY Tips.

Wedding Invitations with RSVP Cards

autumn wedding invitation with RSVP template

Next, let’s delve into the world of wedding invitations, where elegance takes centre stage, and your celebration unfolds with a meticulously crafted announcement. The primary invitation, a focal point in the journey of wedding planning, not only imparts the essential details of your special day but also establishes the tone for the joyous occasion. Mailed out well in advance, typically two to three months before the wedding, this formal invite evolves into a cherished keepsake for your guests.

Immerse yourself in the art of seamlessly crafting invitation cards with our comprehensive blog, which offers DIY expertise and profound insights into the etiquette surrounding these significant pieces. From enduringly classic styles to modern and elegant designs, explore avenues to personalise your invitations, including the incorporation of RSVP cards for seamless guest responses. Find wording ideas and navigate the details of invitation cards, allowing your creativity to blossom and enrich your celebration. For a complete guide, accompany us on our blog - Etiquette for Wedding Invitations with RSVP & DIY Expertise.

Wedding Details Card

wedding details card templates

Elevate your wedding stationery ensemble with the often-overlooked yet equally essential wedding details card, a significant part of the invitation suite. These cards go beyond the basics, providing essential information that ensures a seamless and joyous celebration. From accommodation details and transportation information to venue maps and weekend schedules, the detail cards serve as a comprehensive guide for your guests.

Immerse yourself in crafting these cards, allowing your creativity to shine as you tailor each detail to reflect the unique essence of your wedding. Our inclusive blog shares expert insights on what to include, practical DIY tips, and elegant templates that seamlessly complement your invitations. Empower yourself to design them with both style and substance. Join us on this crafting journey where practicality meets artistry on our blog - Wedding Details Card Essentials & Simple DIY Crafting.

Wedding Welcome Sign

arch wedding welcome sign template

Let’s shift our attention to the reception, where the enchanting ambience is meticulously set by subtle details, and a notable standout that warmly welcomes your guests is the wedding welcome sign. This exceptional feature not only guides them to the heart of your celebration but also serves as a delightful introduction to the uniquely curated atmosphere.

From minimal and modern designs to elegantly shaped signs with bold colours, the options for crafting a welcome sign are diverse and customisable to suit your wedding theme. Our comprehensive blog is your guide to seamlessly incorporating this touch of hospitality. We explore various designs, provide expert insights on wording, and offer DIY tips to ensure your welcome signage not only guides but also adds a personal and inviting touch to the beginning of your wedding festivities. Join us on our blog journey – Elegant DIY Wedding Welcome Sign Ideas & Essential Elements.

Wedding Menu Cards

modern wedding menu template

Turning our attention to another delightful aspect of wedding planning – the reception menu. Enhance your guests’ dining experience with thoughtfully crafted wedding menu cards that not only showcase the culinary delights they’re about to savour but also add a touch of sophistication to your table settings.

Our comprehensive blog guides you through the creative process of designing your wedding menus, offering a range of styles from minimalist and modern designs to intricate shapes and themed layouts. We explore various styles, provide insights into creative display ideas, and offer DIY tips to help you craft menus that seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic of your celebration. Explore further on our blog – Expert Tips and a DIY Guide to Stunning Wedding Menu Cards.

Wedding Place Cards

simple wedding place card template

Let’s now move on to the seating arrangement, an essential part of ensuring your guests’ comfort and contributing to the overall ambience of your celebration. In this intricate coordination with the seating plan, the place cards guide your guests to their designated seats with precision and ease. These small yet significant details not only add a touch of elegance to your table décor but also contribute to a well-organised and welcoming atmosphere.

Our comprehensive blog is your go-to resource, offering insights into selecting or crafting visually appealing name cards. From simple to uniquely shaped cards, our guide ensures that each crafted piece becomes a charming keepsake, enhancing your celebration with style and thoughtful details. Discover more on our blog for Pro Tips and a DIY Guide to Elegant Wedding Place Cards.

Wedding Seating Chart

autumn wedding seating chart template

A fundamental aspect that follows the arrangement of place cards is the coordination of a well-thought-out seating chart. Designing and organising a seating plan is vital for determining where your guests will sit, creating a friendly and unified atmosphere. Imagine it like a carefully choreographed dance where every detail matters. In this intricate coordination, our comprehensive blog serves as your insightful companion, providing valuable tips on the art of crafting effective seating chart signs. We cover everything, from ensuring your guests can easily chat to maintaining a balanced and pleasant ambience. Learn how to create a digital seating plan and design a stylish layout that coordinates seamlessly with the rest of your stationery.

Dive into our blog for Wedding Seating Chart Must-Knows and Easy DIY Crafting, ensuring your gathering is not only organised but also warmly welcoming. Discover innovative ways to make your seating arrangements a highlight of your event, reflecting both functionality and style.

Wedding Table Numbers

autumn wedding table number card template

After meticulously crafting a thoughtful seating plan, incorporating well-designed table numbers brings an additional layer of organisation, facilitating a seamless guide for your guests to find their designated tables. Our blog extends its guidance to this aspect of table arrangement, offering insights into selecting and creating visually appealing table number cards. Featuring a range of modern and minimalist designs, these numbers not only guide your guests to their tables but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your table décor, seamlessly coordinating with the place cards and the rest of our stationery.

Discover valuable tips and gather inspiration from our blog - Your Ultimate Guide to Crafting DIY Wedding Table Numbers with Expert Tips. Uncover insights that will ensure a seamlessly coordinated and visually captivating atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

Wedding Thank You Cards

minimalist photo thank you card template

Completing the circle of gratitude in your wedding journey, thank you cards stand as a heartfelt expression of appreciation. Once the celebration has concluded, taking the time to extend gratitude to your guests becomes a cherished tradition. Our comprehensive blog lends its guidance to this thoughtful aspect of post-wedding etiquette, offering insights into crafting personalised and meaningful thank you cards. From selecting designs that harmonise with the rest of your stationery to conveying your heartfelt sentiments with the help of wording examples, we delve into the art of crafting cards that not only express gratitude but also serve as cherished keepsakes for your loved ones.

Explore our blog for expert DIY Tips & Wording Ideas for Elegant Wedding Thank You Cards. These invaluable suggestions ensure that your words of thanks resonate as a beautiful conclusion to your wedding journey, leaving a lasting impression on both you and your cherished guests.


A DIY Invitation Journey from Home

wedding menu editing on online invitation maker

Step into the world of creating your own personalised stationery effortlessly, right from the heart of your home – no need for a fancy designer! We’re all about making the stationery process a breeze, convenient, and gentle on the budget.

Our online invitation maker is your creative playground, offering numerous customisation options to add your flair and showcase your style. You even have the flexibility to get imaginative, transforming your cards into trending unique shapes using the SVG files included in some of our collections. Want to get a feel for it? All our printables include a demo link, allowing you to experience a trial before making a purchase - we promise it’s as fun as it sounds. We keep things fresh with regular design updates, ensuring they remain at the forefront of contemporary trends.

In our commitment to being time-savvy, we recommend having your templates professionally printed to save time and achieve perfect-quality prints. To further enhance your experience, we’ve curated a list of affordable printers near your location, minimising postage costs. Ready to see the magic happen? Give our invitation demo a whirl and discover the joy of crafting your very own stationery. Because celebrating your special moments should be as unique as you are!

Matching Stationery from Start to Finish

Our template collection is thoughtfully curated and designed with your entire event in mind. Begin with invitations that set the perfect tone, move to reception stationery to keep things organised, and wrap it all up with matching thank-you notes – we’ve got every detail covered. Say goodbye to the stress of searching for coordinating designs; our templates are your go-to ensemble, effortlessly blending together. And here’s the best part - they look absolutely stunning, and your guests won’t believe it’s DIY. Envision the simplicity of a unified theme, where every element, from invitations to signage, carries the same personalised touch, weaving a seamless and memorable story for your special day. Explore our complete design collection and discover additional inspiration and guidance in our video tutorial for crafting your DIY wedding stationery.

autumn wedding invitation and signage template collection


Embracing the Extraordinary Celebration Ahead!

As we conclude this journey through the realm of essential stationery and the joy of crafting them with ease, we sincerely hope this blog has been a source of inspiration, knowledge, and pure enjoyment. Your wedding planning adventure is a unique and exciting chapter, and we’re thrilled to have shared valuable insights to make it even more special.

If you have any questions or envision a custom design that speaks to your unique style, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be delighted to help bring your vision to life. Your wedding day is a canvas waiting to be painted with personal touches, and we’re here to assist in making it truly extraordinary.

Wishing you all the best on your wedding planning journey. May it be filled with creativity, joy, and the magic of crafting beautiful moments that will last a lifetime. Cheers to your love story and the stunning celebration that awaits!


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