Essential wedding stationery for your big day!

Your wedding day will likely be one of the most memorable experiences of your entire life. It’s the day you get to marry one of the most special people in your world and when your loved ones can share the beautiful experience with you.
As magical as the big day can be, there’s no denying how much hard work goes into it. There can be so many things to tick off your to-do list, and, let’s face it; we can even forget to include some of them on that list in the first place.

As your wedding day edges ever closer, take a moment to refine your list and make sure everything’s in order. You might like to start by planning your wedding stationery, including creating some of the following essential things.

Wedding Invitation

modern wedding invitations
The wedding invitation is the most crucial piece of wedding stationery you’ll need to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch. It tells your guests who will be getting married and where and when you’ll tie the knot. Its design can also lay the foundation for your entire wedding theme, making it even more important!

Creating a beautiful wedding invitation can be a straightforward and memorable option. You can go down the DIY route with a pre-made and customisable template, choose from a semi-custom design from the printed collection or even enlist the services of a graphic designer to create a custom invitation for you!

Details Card

minimal wedding details card
Most couples struggle to fit the essential information on their official wedding invitation without overcrowding it and impacting the overall design. If you’re aiming for perfection, why not create a details card that you can include with your wedding invite?

Clear the clutter from your wedding invitation and place those all-important what, when, where details on a matching card that you can create as part of an invitation set.

If you need a helping hand to make sure you haven’t missed anything during the creation process, we’ve included a few of the most important details below:

• Contact information for guests to RSVP
• Accommodation options
• Your gift preferences (e.g., a link to a gift registry)
• Reception location and arrival time
• A plan B for an outdoor wedding
• Post-wedding event information
• The dress code

Seating Plan

modern wedding seating plan
We know how stressful it can be managing something as trivial as a seating arrangement while trying to enjoy your special day, which is why you might see the value in a seating plan. Stylish seating plans that take pride of place in your venue can smooth out any seating issues guests encounter.

As soon as guests arrive at your reception venue, they can spot the seating plan sign, find their names assigned to a particular table number, and easily make their way to their seats.

We recommend creating your seating plan after your RSVPs arrive to avoid last-minute table reshuffling!

Place Cards

modern wedding place card template
A seating plan and place cards can work in harmony, and both can be necessary if you’ve chosen a venue with large tables. Once your guests have read their names on the seating plan, they can peruse their assigned table and find their specific seats without any hassles.

Creating place cards also allows you to flex your creative muscles! You can make them using the same design as your wedding invite, use full names or first names, and choose a flat or tent-fold design option.

Finally, you may see the value in place cards if many of your guests will be meeting each other for the first time. Rather than manage the discomfort of having to remember names, they can take a quick glimpse at their place card!

Table Numbers

modern wedding table number template
You might be more than confident in your seating plan and likely spent countless hours ensuring all guests were seated at the most appropriate tables. Although, your guests won’t be as familiar with the arrangement.

While you’re in the early creation phase of your place cards and table plan, take a moment to think about whether table numbers might be worth your while. They can be designed as creative centrepieces while also helping guests locate their tables quickly as they switch between mingling and dancing.

Table numbers also serve the all-important purpose of helping your wait staff know where to deliver meals. This can be particularly helpful if your venue is dimly lit for ambience.

Welcome Sign

modern wedding welcome sign template
With so much happening on your special day, you likely won’t have time to meet and greet every guest that arrives beautifully dressed at your venue. However, there’ll be no doubting that they’re at the right place when a wedding welcome sign is there to greet them, instead.

Welcome signs can set the scene for what’s to come and even help tie your entire wedding theme together. When you create your welcome signs through wedding stationery designers like TimberWink Studio, you can enjoy a wide range of template designs and sizes to suit your unique needs.

Wedding Program

minimal wedding program template
Your many hours, days, and weeks of planning finally pay off when your big day arrives, and proceedings get underway. With a well-planned and designed wedding program outlining the timeline of events, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of what comes next!

Guests can be in the right place at the right time to know what’s expected of them, and they can have a take-home memento of the special day they were lucky enough to be a part of. And while you might think wedding programs are yet another task to add to your list, they can be easy to create from a template with a flat or folded design.

Thank You Cards

modern wedding thank you card template
Being able to watch someone close to you marry the love of their life is often thanks enough for many guests, but there’s no harm in making sure your guests genuinely know how much their attendance means to you.

Thank you cards are a simple yet effective gesture, and they can be personalised to suit your wedding theme and even your guests.

You might decide to create thank you cards in advance and leave them on each guest’s placemat, or wait until after your honeymoon and send them out in the post. Some couples even create digital cards that they can email or send via WhatsApp instead.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be pleased to know there is a range of thank you card designs and sizes to choose from. modern wedding menu template
Whether you’ve planned a large or intimate affair, menus can be an excellent way to prepare your guests for what they can expect to eat at your reception. A classic 5”x7” or DLE-sized menu can include all the menu options they have to choose from and details about how their meals will be served. You also have the option of personalising your menus with guest names if you would prefer not to have place cards on each table.

Plan Your Wedding Stationery Today

When your dream wedding is finally coming to life, you can begin focusing on those intricate details that form such an essential part of making your day extra special. Let TimberWink Studio help by providing you with easy, customisable wedding stationery templates. Before long, you can be walking down the aisle knowing you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life for all the right reasons.

Visit TimberWink Studio to browse our collection of printable templates with multiple design options to suit a variety of wedding styles.

Many things can contribute to standout wedding stationery, such as matching design templates for a cohesive look, logical information, and overall aesthetics. It also helps if you have an experienced graphic designer like TimberWink Studio on your side to bring your ideas to life in the form of custom wedding stationery.

Yes! Most of our printable wedding templates give brides the creative freedom to adjust the colours to reflect their unique wedding style and theme.
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